Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Sweeten, He Seasons

We've started buying the largest size possible now.

Yeah, 40 fluid ounces should be enough.

...at least, for this week and next.

I use it to sweeten my hot tea, and I love cozying up with several piping hot cups a day.

Honey is better for our bodies than refined white sugars, they say.

But, now that I look at this picture, I wonder why we don't buy the largest size possible of Old Bay Seasoning.


My husband uses it to flavor EVERYTHING, from his scrambled eggs on Saturday mornings to the various beef, fish, and poultry meals he cooks for me, just because he likes to.  He loves the Old Bay taste so much that I swear I've seen him sprinkle it into his cereal bowl, dust some over his vegetables, mix it in with the mashed potatoes, and even stir some in with his yogurt.

Yeah, I can't keep enough of these two items in stock!