Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy Shoppers

I was grateful to have my mommy-friends Jenna and Theresa to shop with during the Christmas season.  Running errands is more challenging when a little one is in tow, and things just take more time to complete.  But, when you've got friends who are on the same schedule (of diaper changes and feedings) as you, it makes the whole process much more fun.

Here we are navigating through Kohl's with our boys:  Logan, Ryan, Joseph, and Liam!

I volunteered to be on stroller duty (watching Joseph, Logan, and Liam in their respective travel systems) while Theresa went to the restroom and while Jenna watched Theresa's son Ryan play.  We all had our hands full!

I miss Jenna and Joseph so much.  Our days together came to an end when Jenna had to return to work.