Monday, January 14, 2013

The St. James Christmas Bizarre

The annual Christmas bizarre at our parish is BIG DEAL.  The committee spends ALL YEAR preparing for it.

And this isn't just a few tables of crafts being sold.  Oh, no.  This is much, much bigger than that.

There's food.  Photos with Santa.  Silent auctions.  Thrones of people.  And tons more.

My favorite room is the White Elephant Room, a veritable yard sale of random things sold cheaply.  While there, I was able to pick up several silver chafing dishes (for a mere $5).  My hope is to do Thanksgiving some year.  I'm sure they'll come in handy!

For $5, I scored this unique St. James plate.  It will come in handy when I tell to Liam the story of where Mommy and Daddy where married and where he was baptized.

And for a mere 25 cents each, I picked up these faux gold necklaces, figuring that if Liam's little hands catch and pull one of these, it's no big deal.

The fun thing about the gold pendant on the left is that it happens to contain a scripty "G."  So perfect for our last name!