Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What kind of mommy are you?

Recently, I took a little online quiz to see what kind of mommy I am.  I forget what company sponsored the quiz, but it was some brand who has me on their e-mailing list. 

I got very excited to take the quiz and see the result.  I hadn't been this excited to take a quiz since high school, when those quizzes in Seventeen magazine had my girl friends and I on the edge of our seats, wondering what type of boyfriend suited each of us best.

Unfortunately, the results of this mommy quiz were rather pathetic.  All I got was a cartoon picture of a mom and a few short sentences, telling me that which I had already submitted when I was taking the quiz itself.  Namely, that I was committed, excited, attentive to my baby's actions, and traditional. 

Blah.  Oh well.  I took a screen shot of the one and only quiz question I had to answer, which really wasn't a question at all.

More than anything, I think I'm an affectionate mom (but unfortunately that wasn't one of the choices).  I smother our little boy with kisses and hugs all the time!  I squeeze him constantly and nuzzle my face into his whenever possible.  His joyful squeaks, belly laughs, and big smiles keep me coming back for more!