Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Awesome Trade

Pregnancy and childbirth changes you, they say.  And at first I thought I was the same girl, but now I realize I'm definitely not.

It's common for a woman to have thyroid issues after pregnancy.  Or stubborn belly fat.  Or weaker eyesight.

And I'm not saying that I don't have those things.  I might.  But I have something else now. 

There is a very poignant, very noticeable difference in me.  If you've very observant, you might notice it when we're together.  But now I shall finally reveal it to you, dear reader, so that there is no more burning question within you.  I shall humbly lay it before you.  Here it is:   My sense of fashion is now skewed.

I used to have razor-sharp perception for new fashion trends.  I knew what was coming next before it hit the magazines or showed up on the backs of my students in class.  My finger was on the pulse, and with it I could predict the future.  I kept my power a secret, disguising my gift by appearing ordinary, basic, and nondescript.  It's like coture designers who wouldn't be caught dead in their creations themselves.  Instead, they just wear jeans.

With childbirth, I lost this hidden talent.  Now I am most influenced by clothing hanging on the racks at Babies R Us.  I have no idea what people are wearing to work these days.  I can't predict what's coming next to save my life.  Somewhere, in Labor and Delivery Room #403, I lost that talent.  I traded it for motherhood.  And, for what I got, it was an awesome trade.

So I have only a suspicion that nautical attire might be in for this Spring.  I can't find any concrete evidence that it will be.  Fashion websites are saying nothing about it.  So I could be off my rocker.  Like I said, I'm going by what I see on the children's clothing racks, and those have got to be 4 or 5 years behind everybody else.  Right?

Who cares, I still love it.  Expect to see this mama in stripes.  :)