Friday, February 08, 2013

An Odd Little Book

A month ago, when Liam had his 4-month check-up, my mother read to him a book that was in the Well Child Waiting Room.  But as Grandmother read aloud, all of us began to look puzzled.  We found the color choices in the book to be particularly odd.

It was a classic Golden Book, so we expected better.  But instead, periodic pictures in the book were without color.  We couldn't understand the rationale.

Perhaps the book had originally been printed without color, my father suggested.  Perhaps this newer edition had some--but not all--of the pictures colored, my mother continued.  But if the publisher had chosen to save money by using less colored ink, we thought their choices of which pages to color were downright absurd. 

Take the above two pages, for example.  Why should the "big, red apple" be nothing but a shade of gray, whereas the white horse on the next page simply HAD to be printed in color, with an odd aura of green?

And no, there was no set pattern to the occurrence of the colored pages appearance.  They seemed to appear at random.

When we return to the doctor's office for Liam's 6-month check-up next month, I'll be eager to take a closer look at this odd little book!  First and foremost, I need the title, author, and date of publication!