Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marc and Jenny Meet Liam!

Contrary to what you see on Liam's bib, last night was NOT his first Thanksgiving.  (His Daddy chose the bib!)
Last night, our dear friends Jenny and Marc came to visit!  They were so excited to finally meet our little Liam!

The night started off with evening mass at the little church across the street.  With St. Valentine's Day coming up this week, all married couples at last night's mass got a chance to face each other and renew their wedding vows.  Afterward, there was a brief reception.  It was a very special moment for Michael and me, and we held little Liam gently between us, so thankful to God for the miracle of his life.

Afterward, we all came back to the house for supper.  Our house smelled so yummy when we entered, since the Moroccan chicken dish had been slowly cooking in the crock pot for 8 hours that day.  I served it with couscous and freshly baked crescent rolls!

After dessert (gourmet cupcakes! cookies! ice cream!), we began what was the entertainment for our evening: a Catholic couples board game, created by none other than Yours Truly.  :)

Yes, I am cheesy.  You know this about me already.  I have an unbridled sense of creativity, which, when it spurts out randomly, can be...unique.  Thankfully, I was surrounded by loving people who would indulge me and play the game.  And, I dare say, I think we did have a little fun.

Marc won the game due to his powerful memory of the catechism.  Both Jenny and I liked the romantic things that our husbands were prompted to say and admit about us. 

I should have spent a little more time coming up with a better name.  It should have been something catchy.  Oh well.

There were so many question cards, activity cards, and romance cards that we had to cut the game short after playing it for an hour.  So, Michael and I are eager to play the game with another couple!  Let us know if you're interested!