Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I Never Forget.

Sometimes we people think that we'll never forget something.  Whatever it is is either so commonplace or so well-known that we're certain the details will be forever etched in our minds.

But I also know that sometimes our memories can fail us.  Sometimes the passage of time blurs our vision of the past.

When memories fail, though, all is not lost.  Photographs can jog the mind.  Often, a picture of something ordinary from Way Back When becomes the greatest treasure to behold.  That well-known sight, when seen again decades later, will instantly flood the mind with beautiful memories of the past.  And I want that flood.

So, just so that I never forget, this is The Travel System.  The Coach.  The Stroller.  The Carriage.  It's the apparatus that I lovingly use to show the world to our dear son, and I want to never forget what this often-seen view looks like.  And, for me, this view is anything but ordinary.  :)