Saturday, March 23, 2013


This week I've been looking for a bigger diaper bag.  

My big one is just not big enough!

I need something that can hold at least 5 diapers, 2 bottles of water, a snack for me, a change of clothes for him, a thick blanket, tons of teethers, one children's book, a changing pad, a pack of wipes, a wet bag, stain spray, an extra bib, a burp cloth, an udder cover, and one small stuffed animal, not to mention my entire purse contents, which includes a camera, a cell phone, a small wad of cash, a few pieces of plastic, and jingly keys.

Michael says the Easter Bunny might give me a bigger one next weekend, if I'm good.  But I wonder where that bunny's going to find a basket that's big enough to hold the size bag I need!

In the meantime, I'm using this: a funky souvenir from an artist in Brooklyn, New York.  Let's think of it as a funkdafied mommy bag.  :)

Tell me, mom readers, what is your favorite diaper bag?  I can't wait to hear.