Monday, March 18, 2013

Marian Cares for Grandma

During all of my childhood, my grandmother used to tell me to "Choose your friends wisely."  She reminded me of it every time I saw her.  She'd bend over and whisper it into my ear just before she'd give me that kiss good-bye and tell me how much she loved me.  I never forgot her wisdom, and I tried my best to choose my companions carefully as a result.  I'm sure my life's been better in ways that are immeasurable.

Grandma was right to tell me to choose my friends wisely.  And perhaps now I know more of the beautiful reason why.  :)

My dear friend Marian, you see, has stepped up to be a caregiver for my beloved Grandmother, relieving some of the duties that have been placed on my mother and aunt, since Grandma requires round-the-clock supervision because of her forgetful nature.  Grandmother is fully autonomous and ever-so-sweet, but her forgetful nature means that the stove can be left on accidentally, a door might be left unlocked, or a pill may be taken twice, all without her realizing it.  She needs to be surrounded by loving people who are patient, kind, and willing to remind her of things.  And, praise God, she has just that in her two beautiful daughters.

Mom and Aunt Tess have been taking long shifts at Grandma's house for the past 3 years, keeping it a warm place where the love overflows, where a homemade meal is just moments from coming out of the oven, and where there's always time for hot tea, freshly baked cookies, and delightful conversation.

They are, you see, continuing her legacy.  Praise God for them.

With their hard work, I am certain that my mother and Aunt Tess--along with their always-understanding husbands, my father and Uncle Fred--have earned a special spot in Heaven for their seen and unseen efforts.  My Grandfather would be absolutely PROUD of how they have honored their mother.

But, every once in a while, they need relief.  They need a blessed moment of rest.  Perhaps it is a dental appointment or a hair cut appointment which must take them away for an afternoon.  And, at times like these, we rejoice in knowing that Grandma is safe with Marian.

Marian came over the other afternoon to spend time with all of us and Grandma.  She came to learn about the responsibilities in caring for Grandma.  But, most of all, she came over to learn more about the delightful PERSON that is this beautiful matriarch of our family.  Grandma and Marian spoke together about their love of ballet, piano, beautiful jewelry and other things.  I can tell that Grandma will just love it when Marian comes to visit.  She will be so entertained by Marian's ability to dance, sing, and play the piano!

Grandma's great grandson gave his definite approval of Marian.  And she loved him!  :)

What a blessing Marian is already to our family.  Thank God my Grandmother taught me to choose my friends wisely.  In Marian, I have chosen well!

We all went out to eat that night.

Marian and I discovered that the easiest way to keep a little guy facing toward the camera is to wedge his little noggin between two larger ones!  Haha!
Thank you, Marian, for all that you will be doing for our family.