Friday, March 08, 2013

Point and Shoot Photography

Today is the grand opening of Point & Shoot Photography.

It's the little side project of mine that will hopefully be replaced by Do All Kinds of Fancy Things Before You Press the Button Photography, which is set to debut just after Black Friday 2013, when hopefully I'll score one of those expensive cameras at Midnight for half-price.  Fingers crossed that Michael lets me.

Now I'm not saying that my current camera is crappy.  It isn't.  But it's just your typical point-and-shoot type.   And I haven't got any fancy editing software, so this is all forcing me to keep things simple for my first try.  And that's probably a good thing.

I've always wanted to dapple in photography, and finally today I've got my first client.  Or, really, I should say, clients.  They're hopelessly in love, happily engaged, and on a tight budget.  My offer of doing it for free seemed like the perfect fit.

Wish me luck.  Happy Friday, everyone.