Monday, March 04, 2013

So Far So Good

Here's a follow-up post to this morning's mention of us trying a cloth diaper for the first time.

He didn't poop.  He just peed.  And the wetness seemed definitely drawn away from his body.  So now the hybrid diaper is in the wash, along with Michael's good shirts for work.

Just kidding.  It's with our towels.  On hot. 

And I just learned about the disposable, all-natural, biodegradable, inexpensive inserts (which I don't have yet but plan to get) which will make poopy results something that can go directly into the trash.  I think I might be liking this.  And I bet I can get Michael to, also!  More updates to come.

How 'bout any of you?  What has your experience been with cloth diapering?  I'm all ears and ready to learn.  Email me at, please!   :)