Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today's Feature: Sarah!

Happy Thursday morning, everyone!

Today I'm featuring another awesome Catholic single that I know.  Her name is Sarah.

She's young, vibrant, full of life, and always fun to talk to.  That's why I gravitate toward her at parties!  I like her witty commentary.

I know Sarah because I knew her brother Greg first.  And Greg went and married one of my dear friends, Juliana!  Ah, such a beautiful, small world.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at Sarah's answers to my questions!  This is one fabulous girl that you ought to know.  :)

In God’s garden, what kind of beautiful flower are you?  Explain how this flower describes your personality.

In God's garden I am a daisy. The daisy has several petals that complete a daisy. Like the daisy, I have many characteristics that make up who I am. Daisies grow easily and prefer partial sunlight but can endure full sun, as well. I feel I get along with most people and enjoy social settings. Daisies are popular because of their lovely and simplistic beauty. I feel that I don't mind what others think of me or if they judge me, because I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God, just like the daisy.

If you needed a roommate, what lady saint would you get along with best?  Explain.

The lady saint I would get along with best would probably be St. Therese, the little flower. I grew up in a large family like Therese. I would get along with her sensitive spirit and she would teach me to confide in God at all times. She was loving and helped others in need. I feel I try to help those in need, just like Therese. She would be someone that would teach me so much from her strong faith in God.

Imagine yourself tied to railroad tracks, looking beautiful but forlorn.  Describe how you’d like to be creatively and romantically rescued.

If I was tied to railroad tracks, I would like a man to help calm me down first, because I would be freaking out. He would lighten the mood and make me laugh while gently cutting the ropes from my hands and feet. As he cuts the rope loose, he would kiss where the rope made a mark on my hand so tenderly, but quickly. After I am cut free from all the ropes, he would ask to hold my hand and we would walk to the nearest coffee shop and get to know each other.

Describe a feature of your Divine Spouse (that’s GOD!) that just makes your heart melt.  

A feature of my Divine Spouse that makes my heart melt is that He is trustworthy. He is always there and will never stop loving me because of my shortcomings. It is hard to trust humans, but God is the only one that I can fully trust and who will always be a constant in my life. 

If you're an awesome single gentleman who'd like to learn more about Sarah, just email me at, and I'll connect you two.  :)