Sunday, March 10, 2013

When One Mama Forgets...

Every once in a while, this mama goofs up. 

It's true.  I'm not perfect. 

Shocking, I know.  If you need a moment to pause and collect yourself, I understand.  :)

Case in point:  This afternoon, after I put Liam down for a nap, closed the bedroom door, and turned on the hand-held video monitor, I totally forgot about my parenting responsibilities.  They just flew right out of me.  And I didn't even feel it.

I gleefully ascended the stairs to Michael's Man Cave, planting myself on the chair beside his computer, all ready and set to watch the movie trailer he had prepared for us.

And then we did this and that and the other thing.  We chatted about endless fun topics, as if it were 2010 and we were just getting started.

And THEN.  All of a sudden.  It HIT me.

"The baby monitor!  Oh, the baby monitor!" I squealed, already running around in circles, making frantic laps around the room, as my eyes and hands hoped to find it.  How long ago had I put him down?  Had it been an hour?  Or two?  Where was that darn baby monitor?!

I ran downstairs.

And then:  THANK GOD.

My right-hand girl had been keeping watch, listening carefully to the audio even after the video had gone into power-save mode and had darkened the screen.  This experienced golden retriever mama was watching out for our baby boy, being the ever-protective, always-intuitive, selfless gentle creature that she is.  And he was still fast asleep.

Macy, I love you.  There aren't enough treats in this world to equal the amount that you deserve!  Thank you.