Tuesday, April 09, 2013

An Early Morning Scavenger Hunt

The hubs asked me recently if I would help him get up and out of bed earlier in the mornings.

We always get up together so that I can pack his lunch and start his car.  And we chat in the bathroom while he showers, usually.

So, we need to do all these things...but do them about 30 minutes earlier.   Ugh.

In the past when he's asked for this, I've used our noisy, crying son as his backup alarm clock.  It goes like this:  simply remove child from breast, place child on Daddy's chest, and watch as the crying child quickly wakes up his father.  It works EVERY TIME.  But we can only stand a crying child for so long.  Before you know it, Liam's nursing again and Dad is fast asleep.  And...we're running late.

So, this method is not perfect.  And it doesn't work at all on days where Liam and I have been up for a while and he's already had his fill of breakfast.  On those days, it's a giggly, wiggly, happy child that I place on his father's chest.  This second method of wake-up for Daddy is just as quick, but the two of them usually dilly-dally in that case, and then we're running late anyhow.

So now I have come up with Wake Up Method #3.  Here's what I do:  Before I go to bed, I plug my cell phone into a wall outlet, choosing a different room and a different outlet each time.  I set an alarm, make sure my volume is way up, and then I giggle, feeling rather vindictive and sneaky, knowing that--in the morning--my husband will be groggily searching the whole house for the source of that darn sound.  I love hiding my phone for him.

Once he finally finds and silences it, he's WIDE AWAKE and VERY FAR from his bed.  The next bit of comfort he craves will be the warmth and peace of the shower, and in he goes.

Job done.  :)