Thursday, April 18, 2013

Firehouse Breakfast and an Afternoon at Great Grandma's!

The other day, we took Liam with us to a firehouse breakfast!  We let him wear his jammies to the breakfast since they made him look like a firefighter.  :)

I was hoping we'd see some bright red firetrucks for a photo op, but the firehouse garage doors were down.  Bummer.  Oh well!

The food was delicious, and most importantly, Liam enjoyed seeing his grandparents and meeting their friends Steve and Julie. 

Liam loved being held by Julie!
After breakfast, we headed to my grandmother's house where we met up with Aunt Tess, Uncle Fred, and their friends Dottie and Sal. 

The highlight of the afternoon was when Sal played the piano for us.  Liam had immense fun listening to and watching him!

Holding on to Mommy's ear with a strong grip!

I love my silly boy!