Tuesday, April 09, 2013

New Friends and New Opportunities!

I am so grateful for the people God places into my life.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Erin.  She's a new mom with an adorable son named Carter.

As you might know, Carter has an exclusive line of children's clothing.  Many pieces from his recent Spring runway show are in little Liam's closet already.  We learned that Carter's clothing line is the number one brand of children's sleepwear in the United States.  What an impressive feat for such a little guy!

When we met, Erin and I had a whole hour to chat, since we were beside one another in the long check-out line at the Weeuseables Consignment Event.  We had plenty of time to talk about everything under the sun, making that long line seem like nothing once it was over. 

Erin and I were delighted to find out how MUCH we had in common!  We're both thankful to be stay-at-home mamas.  We're both breastfeeding.  We both love traveling to baby consignment expos.  We both have faith in God and the same outlook on child-rearing.  And we have my mother in common, for we discovered that Erin was formerly my mother's dental hygienist!  Our favorite similarity:  We both have September babies!

Since meeting her, Erin has invited me to other consignment events and also to a baby sign language class at our local library! 

It was SO MUCH FUN.  Liam watched everything with delight, and it was a joy to see other kids crawl from across the room to meet him.  They could tell that he was new to the class, and they welcomed him!

Did Liam and I come away from the class, learning to sign? 

No.  I was severely distracted by the happy chaos and pleasant pandemonium that ensued in every corner of that classroom.  I was having WAY TOO MUCH FUN to pay attention!  Haha!

What a treat it was for Liam to notice his grandmother peeking in on him in class, peering in from a side window!  After class, we met up with my parents at the library cafe and enjoyed snacks and more conversation.

So while we didn't walk away knowing sign language that day, we did walk away with some great new memories and a new list of library classes that we'll go to in the future with Erin and Carter.  In the meantime, I should trust my own credentials, as my mother reminded me that when I was 10 years old I scored this awesome certificate:

Hey, at least I can remember the sign language alphabet!  :)