Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Little Arm Pit Hole

Liam's cozy little fleece sleeper with moose (meese?!) on it is so well-loved that it is now falling apart.

Yes, it's been worn and washed THAT MANY TIMES that the thing now has three drafty holes in it, making it not-so-cozy anymore.

Conveniently, though, a little hole as formed, right at his arm pit.

And now that our boy has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to be tickled, I couldn't resist sneaking my finger in when he least expected it!

Before doing it for the first time, I whispered to Michael, "Watch this."

Liam was sitting on my lap, looking over to the side, unsuspectingly chewing on a teether.  I inserted my finger and then wiggled it!

He immediately went into giggly fits of laughter, and then it was Dad's turn to do the same thing.
  Ah, such silly fun!!  :)