Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Perfect May Picnic

There's something so special about the month of May.  In this blessed month of May, we honor the Mother of God and our own mothers.  The trees and flowers honor our mothers by being in full-bloom.  And the sunny weather couldn't be more perfect, right?  I find myself treasuring every day of May and wishing that it would last forever.

In an effort to savor every moment of this May and to make the most of this fine weather that's upon us, I loaded Liam into the SUV, packed some fun snacks and toys, and we took a road trip to visit Britta and her boys, Xavier and Luke.

We slapped on sunscreen, pulled a blanket out onto the lawn, loaded up a bowl with fresh fruit, and then...savored. 

Here's to hoping you'll get out there and do the same!

Pay no attention to her beautiful emerald drop earrings.  On this picnic day, we didn't know yet that they existed.

And please disregard her awesome yellow cardigan and red sandals.  These treats technically hadn't arrived in her life yet.

See?  She's not really wearing those items at all.  She's wearing this (which was actually a great outfit, too).  Don't let the pictures fool you.  :)

To add to the confusion, that's not really Liam's hat.  It's Luke's.

Xavier prays in the Prayer Corner!  Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful day!