Friday, May 24, 2013

Chop, Chop, Chop!

Get this girl some earrings!!!
Today I surprised myself.

And drastically so.

I woke up with this crazy notion that trimming off my split ends today would be the most boring thing ever.

But I didn't cancel my appointment.  Instead, I kept it.  And re-thunk it.

Or, really, I re-thunk myself.

And by 12:15, as I walked into Envy Studio, I was telling Tamara that I was surrendering full control to her, that she could go pixie-short with it, and that I trusted her professional judgement.

And then I squeezed my eyes closed.

And crossed my fingers.  And then my toes. 

Soon, my donation bag to Locks of Love was filled up with four thick braids, and I found myself with an entirely different look!

Tamara, thank you for being an amazing artist.  It takes a lifetime to find a hair stylist like this, and I have found the best.

(Thanks, of course, to Melanie for connecting us a few years ago!)

Tamara has been awarded the Top 10 Colorist of the Year for Wella (US and Canada), she's the winner of the Wella/Fairchild Young Stylist of the Year Award, winner of the Got Milk Compaign for the East Coast, and winner of the East Coast Makeover Madness Competition.  In addition, Tamara was one of only four people chosen from the US and Canada to be a part of the prestigious platform team (Team Nxt), traveling the west coast, educating other stylists in the industry.  And, she's been a salon owner for 11 years.  I love her passion and drive.

Tamara is mama to TWO sets of twins!  Her oldest girls are 20, and her boy-and-girl set are 8 years old.  This September, Tamara and her husband will be grandparents!  So awesome.

If you'd like to book with Tamara, contact her here.   And if you'd like to donate to Locks of Love to help provide hairpieces to financially-disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical conditions, just click here.