Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eating: It's a Big Deal Now

Liam simply LOVES meal time.  He's always ready for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Although we had a few false starts, we really started solids with Liam when he was 7.5 months old.  And somehow, in just one short month, we've gone from him tasting teensy little samples of things to him now gulping down nearly 2 cups a day.  What a growing boy!  (When he does start to crawl, I bet he'll head straight for my refrigerator.)

Learning to eat people food has been an extremely gradual process, and the amount has been totally dictated by him.  At first, we offered him fruits.  Then it was veggies.  Then we tried grains.  Now he gets a blended-up version of whatever it is we're eating, and that includes the meat.  Yum, yum!

So although he's enjoying these new food opportunities, I always make it a point to breastfeed him first before any meal at the table.  Our pediatrician said that this practice should keep my milk supply coming in, and with it the antibodies tailored specifically to his needs.

My parents always seem to drop by the house around lunch time.  :)

It might LOOK like Michael is feeding Liam, but that's actually not true.  Michaels feeding himself here, to Liam's great dismay.  Although our boy was ready for more, Daddy kept insisting, "I think he's getting full; I'd better finish this off."  This is what happens when you blend-up one of Daddy's favorite meals!!

Learning to eat means learning about mouths.  Yes, Liam, one day soon you will have teeth!

Oops.  Don't tell his Daddy that I wrapped my pink apron around his neck like a bib.  :)

So has all this eating caused a change here?  You bet it has.  Since the input has changed, so has the output!  And cloth diapering has now become easier, too.  Solids flick easily into the toilet and the cloth stays much more clean!