Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Guess What.

There's a photographer inside me, and she's busting out. 

She's the girl who secretly takes 50 shots to get the perfect One, whose day is ruined when the battery's not charged, who keeps a regretful list of Moments I Missed Because I Didn't Have My Camera and who will go crazy inside when she spots the perfect tulip, far into a lawn that isn't hers.

Yes, she's always been inside me, this girl who's reaching to come out and desperately grabbing for that point-and-shoot whenever she can.  And now, finally, I'm letting her step forth.  She's brushing off the cobwebs as we speak.

Before Michael and I married, I mentioned her.  I explained how she was all cooped up, how she was totally bereft of any gear, how she was completely uneducated in her craft yet certain that she was called to it.

"Maybe in five years?" I suggested, when we spied his sister's gem of a camera.

"Sure," he agreed, not really knowing what he was saying yes to.

It wasn't going to be anytime soon, I realized.  Still, I was hopeful that we'd have enough saved to catch Liam headed to Kindergarten in high-def.  Fingers crossed for five years from now!

But then, last week happened.  During it, a hunch became a belief.  A belief became an opportunity.  And the opportunity became seized.

Pray with me, dear reader, that I may develop my talents and honor God with it.  The photographer girl is out, and that photographer girl is me!