Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's Featured Sponsor: Embroidery by Linda

The women of my family have this long-held belief that the men of our family should all carry hankies.  It must be the mark of a true gentleman, I suppose.

"You never know when you're going to encounter a crying woman!" my mother reminds them, suggesting that the greatest consolation for our tears is the tender embrace of our noses by a clean cotton square.

My dad never carried a hanky, to my mother's great disappointment, but he managed to be quite the gentleman despite it.  Had he carried a hanky, I would not have the delightful memory of him offering his sleeve to my drippy nose.

"Really?" I would ask, amid my blubbery mess.

"Of course," he'd say, and then I'd wipe away and feel a thousand times better. 

Dad sleeves are meant for that sort of thing, you see.  There's just something about wiping your nose on them that makes you feel so much better.  Such a selfless act might be a daughter's first observation of true chivalry.  And that's an important thing for daughters to learn early.

With Father's Day coming up, it's time we give the Dads in our life the chance to keep clean sleeves.   Michael will be getting a personalized set from Embroidery By Linda, and what I love about Linda is her story.

Linda came to America as a young child with her parents.  Her parents were brave survivors of World War II and had lost their previous spouses and children.  They met in a displaced persons camp, married, and were blessed with a child, whom they lovingly named Linda.  Linda's father was a tailor, and he taught her mother to sew.  She, in turn, taught her daughter.  And so began a life-long love of sewing for Linda.

When Linda found her first home embroidery machine, she says her whole world changed.  She started creating beautiful pieces with fervor, honoring her parents with every stitch.  Today she uses four commercial embroidery machines.  "I keep them humming!" she says joyfully.

I wondered if sewing always came easy to her.  "It was a steep learning curve, but I kept on trying and finally figured it out," Linda admits.  "My children, all grown and out of the house, are amazed at what I can do."

But Dads aren't the only ones who get to carry a hanky.  Linda makes beautiful wedding handkerchiefs that have been carried by brides all over the world, including Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, China, and the United Kingdom.

And Linda doesn't stop there.  She also sews monogrammed napkins, delicate wedding garters, personalized baby blankets, cosmetic bags, and more.

Here's a few of my favorite things for Dads that she has for sale right now:

What could be more awesome than a hanky with a man's signature on it?!  Too bad I didn't discover that option until after I had placed my order!

Go ahead.  Make Dad's sleeve smile.  Give him a personalized hanky!

So, this Father's Day, as you shop for your husband, father, grandfather, and Godfather, be sure to check out Embroidery by Linda's online shop.  Mention this blog with the code "FAMILYLIFE" and enjoy a 10% discount on orders of four or more.