Wednesday, June 05, 2013


On Friday, I turned 34.  (I can't believe I'm 34.) 

But I'm very excited for this year.  I have a sneaking feeling that it's gonna be filled with all kinds of giggly fun.  I'm sure that's because I've got this little guy as my sidekick:

We celebrated my birthday on Friday night at a local restaurant.  Here's a few pictures from the evening.  :)

Love that my parents chose a camera birthday card!!
Liam was a great little helper.  Instinctively, kids just know how to unwrap gifts.  He'll have no trouble on his first birthday!

Liam helped Daddy slide a little blue box my way.  I couldn't believe it.  (The blue box, that is.)
My husband is such a Tiffany's guy.  He said these are to remind me that he, Liam, and I are woven together in family life!  I was so touched and put them on immediately!
Instead of a cake, they gave me a giant chocolate chip cookie!  My family knows me so well.  :)

Turning 17 for a second time was never so much fun.  :)