Monday, June 03, 2013

In Matters of Faith

Our Catholic faith is a very tangible one.  Beginning with Baptism, we've experienced our faith in a very physical way; first, with water to wash away our original sin; then, with subsequent physical signs to complement the spiritual reality of the other sacraments we might receive.

But our Catholic faith is more than just the form and matter of the Seven Sacraments.  Our faith has built towering cathedrals, sculpted beautiful statues, painted breath-taking icons, and has even linked together tiny Rosary beads of powerful prayer.  Our faith has sewn Scapulars, pressed medals, and revered relics.  And sometimes, our faith has moved mountains.  It's amazing what faith can do.

So, if you're like me, you need more than just physical sacraments to remind you of spiritual realities.  My faith needs visible, tangible reminders to surround and remind me to keep my focus on the purpose of this beautiful journey that we're all on.

Maybe that's why my heart skipped a beat when I was introduced to our next featured sponsor, Alexandra Cadena Religious Medals and Treasures.  Browsing through her online store is like sifting through your grandmother's religious keepsakes.  You'll find vintage rarities that will make the perfect heartfelt gift to give those whom you love -- or to keep for yourself!  There are medals, pendants, crucifixes, charms, scapulars, and other religious items in her online shop.

In my interview with Alexandra, it became immediately evident that her faith is indispensable to who she is.  She once suffered from painful rheumatoid arthritis, but she feels certain that her healing is because Our Blessed Mother interceded for her before the throne of God!

She and her husband live in Texas with their teenage son.  Although Alexandra still suffers with fibromyalgia, hypothalamic dysfunction, hypermobility syndrome, and myofascial syndrome, she doesn't let that come between her and faith -- or her goals with her business.

"God, Our Lady, and all the angels help me and keep me going on," she admits, joyfully.  "I always believe that God has a Plan B!"

So how did Alexandra come to obtain all these beautiful gifts?

"My mother had a religious store that closed," Alexandra explained.  "When she passed away, all these wonderful items were left to us."

Alexandra's mother used to restore religious statues and was talented in metal embossing.  She would travel the world to find unique religious pieces to feature in the family store.  And she taught Alexandra to paint.

What's the most reward thing about her business?

"Sharing with other people these items," she begins.  "And meeting great people and customers that are now friends and who motivate me and help me going on.  I call them My Earth Angels.  This buisness is not only selling items; it is giving hope, faith, and prayers that can change lives.  Miracles happen ever day!"

Amen, sister.

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