Monday, June 17, 2013

Liam's First Baseball Game

Daddy's request this Father's Day Weekend was that we take our boy to his first baseball game, followed by his first fireworks display.  We met up with our friends Dan, Jenna, and their same-age boy Joseph and made a night of it!  It was a great, warm Summer evening to kick back with a hot dog and some cold iced tea.  :)

Thank God Dan wore Joseph in a carrier!  Now my husband is open to the idea finally!  Haha!

Paying close attention to the game...

All of a sudden, Liam started screaming and clapping.  Before the rest of us, he noticed the baseball team mascot dancing in the stands.  We had met Silo earlier in the week at the Senior Games (more about that later), and Liam had REMEMBERED his fuzzy red friend!  I was so thrilled to see his joy at recognizing him!  And I'm so glad he has good eyesight!

Watching fireworks with Mom's industrial-strength protective ear muffs (which are also good for directing planes on the tarmac).

Joseph's mommy was a little less high-maintenance.  :)
What a very fun night!!