Thursday, June 06, 2013

My Husband and My Son

When I was a little girl, I constantly dreamed of marriage and children.  And I constantly wondered what my husband would look like.   My eyes would search crowds and wonder if my husband was nearby or far away.  Would he be tall?  Short?  Have blonde hair?  Brown hair?  I wondered constantly.

Now that I have found my Michael and now that we have our precious Liam, I find myself wondering other things. 

Michael and Liam, hanging out in our guest bed

Specifically, I find myself scanning movie scenes, TV commercials, and crowds at the mall for what I think my precious son might look like as he grows.

I'll find him as a teenager or as a young man or even as an elderly man.  And when I see him as an elderly man, I look upon him with great love, still seeing him always as my baby, even if by then I am Up Above.  And I can't stand the thought of not being there to rush toward him and love him with a huge hug and smile, even when he is old and gray and frail.  And this gives me the certainty that I will want to spend my Heaven watching over and interceding for him because nothing else could make me happier.  And then this gives me the reassurance that are our departed loves ones are doing for us just that.

My husband and my son are entwined in my heart for all Eternity.  And my baby boy will always be my baby.  Now and forever, no matter how old he gets.  :)