Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Thing a Day

Goodness my, life has been busy.

And, at moments, it's been too busy to really enjoy it.

I haven't been able to write, and when I can't write, everything else starts to hurt.  And it's not that I have a case of writer's block.  I don't; whatever I have is just the opposite.

There feels like hundreds of things inside me that I want to write about, and yet there's no time to sit down and do it.  Unless I want to sacrifice sleep (which seems to be the only way I can write lately), then blogging just won't happen.  And when I can't blog, I get restless.  I get antsy.  I get cranky.

What point is there in living life if you can't reflect on what you've done?  I guess I need little breaks of reflection time between living life with passion.  Too many events and people and places to be and then suddenly:  I'm overwhelmed.

When there's no time to process, there's no time to learn and grow.  And what good are special moments and precious conversations if they can't be savored in the mind later?  What good is travel if there's no time to talk about what you saw and how it changed you?

I live to fondly recall.  And if there's no time to recall, then the way I'm living needs to be changed.

Facebook newsfeed?  I can't remember when I've read through it last.  Emails?  Way behind.   Text messages?  Overloaded.  The luxury of a relaxed phone conversation?  Not a chance.

I thoroughly dislike this rushed-and-packed feel, and it needs to change -- and will.  Michael reminds me often that it's high-time we apply the "One Thing in a Day" Rule that my parents discovered many years ago.  Packing more than one significant event into a day just doesn't make for happy people of the reflective sort.  And it sure makes for a tired everybody.

Hang in there with me, dear Reader.  This girl's gonna get her balance back soon.  And then she's gonna get her WRITE on!!