Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Definite Win

They say that in life, "You win some; you lose some."  Well, this morning was a definite win

See how this closet door in Liam's nursery is ever-so-slightly ajar?

The door is almost completely closed, you see.  And yet, in the back of my mind, as I changed Liam's diaper and got him dressed this morning, I thought for sure that the door was wide open, as it usually is.

So, when I removed his clean clothes from the little plastic baby hanger, I then did what I always do:  I began to fling that hanger toward the closet, figuring that my mighty toss would hurl that hanger straight into the bin of unused hangers that I have sitting in a basket on the floor in the closet.

As the hanger dashed out of my hands, my eyes followed it.  With shock, I could now see that the door was actually closed (oops!); but then, with astonishment, I watched as that hanger righted itself and slipped vertically into the narrow passage between the wall and the door. 

Neither Liam nor I could believe it!  And sure enough, the little plastic hanger landed perfectly in the basket. 

A win for me!  Yeah!!