Friday, July 19, 2013

A Miracle Within the Miracle of Life

From Under the Mantle by Fr. Don Calloway pg. 268: 

"Ever heard of fetal microchimerism? Fetal microcherism describes the process by which the fetal cells of a child remain in the mother after pregnancy. Science has recently discovered that when a woman becomes pregnant, there are many cells from the baby that remain in the mother's body, and some of those living cells even remain with her for the rest of her life!. Science has also discovered that cells of the mother are also exchanged with her children and remain with her children for life... Even if a mother experiences a miscarriage, living cells of those children too, remain in her body!
Scientists are of the belief that the cells of a mother's children that are in the area of an illness in the mother are trying to fight off the illness and protect the life of the mother!"