Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to Annapolis

While on a recent sentimental streak, Michael and I decided that we ought to get away from it all and sort of re-live the memories we made on our babymoon last year.

So, we packed the car, turned off our cell phones, and forgot about responsibility and routines for a while.  Annapolis, here we come.

We pushed the stroller, walked leisurely, soaked in the sunshine, and settled down for a great crab dinner, right near the dock.

Now, if you're keenly observant, you'd be thinking this right now:  "Wow, they wore the same exact clothes that they wore to Annapolis last year.  Weird."

But it was intended, I tell ya.  Absolutely planned out.  We were on a mission to recreate a few poses, you see.

Remember this one from last year?  Little Liam was really little back then...and still snug in my belly.

We recreated the photo, this time with little Liam outside of my belly:

Absent from photo:  35 extra pounds, 16 inches of hair, the Band-Aid on my thigh, and pockets on Michael's shorts.  My white shorts are overcompensating for these losses by being strangely longer than they were last year. 

Our next photo to recreate was this one from last year:

And here was our attempt:

But the most exciting photo to recreate was this last one, the one where our toes are gathered around a stone we found in the flower gardens of St. Mary's:

And indeed it is true.  :)