Friday, August 30, 2013

About to Take Flight

We're in party-planning mode over here, and I couldn't be more excited.  Our little man is about to turn ONE this Labor Day Weekend, and last night I finally realized what his party theme ought to be.

Or, maybe it is that he TOLD me.   And I FINALLY listened.

You see, something didn't feel quite right about the sports-themed birthday cake I had ordered.  I asked them to go heavy on the little plastic footballs and baseballs and ease up on the soccer balls and basketballs because...well...we like football and baseball a bit more than the other sports.  (Or, more specifically, Michael does.)

But this is Liam's party, after all, so shouldn't the day be all about him?  Of course it should, and the party theme should be about the things that he's into.  And, Liam's been trying to tell me one of his great passions.  I just needed to listen.

For the last several months, Liam has had an interest in something that we didn't immediately acknowledge the depth of.  And this week, he's amped up his interest in the topic a thousandfold.  Whenever he sees one these things, he squeals with immense joy and points and waves and jumps and smiles.  It evokes in him a happy-panic, and he has no idea how to contain himself!

It might be hard to see or nearly invisible, but Liam will spot it, quite literally a mile away (or more).  His eyesight and his hearing must be very, very good. 

What are the things that conjure up such excitement in our little boy, you may ask?  He's into these:

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 Big, beautiful planes.  Any color, any size.  Flying high or swooping down low.  Passenger or cargo.  Vintage or modern.  It matters not; he loves them ALL.  He loves them with his excited, wiggling, ecstatic baby boy body of his.  And, oh, how this makes his mama smile!

So today, I was on a new mission.  The search for a special fleet began.  Our party planning was really beginning to take flight! 

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa, for your last-minute, helpful brainstorms and savy shopping skills.  With only two days to go before take-off, it's time to fasten our seat belts and hang on for the ride!  Hopefully Liam will be thrilled with the surprise.  :)