Monday, August 26, 2013

Bradley Method Class Reunion

Last night was so much fun!  We had a little "class reunion" of all of us who attended the instruction of the Spring/Summer 2012 Bradley Method of Natural, Husband-Coached Childbirth.  We met at a local park where there was a free outdoor concert happening, along with plenty of food being served.  To make sure we could all find each other, I brought along a big balloon and let it float high into the sky.  It made finding each other quite easy!

Instead of holding our bellies when we posed in this same position last year, we mamas held our new babies!  It was great to meet everyone's kids, and we were all delighted to hear that Sarah and Paul (far right) are expecting their second in December!

I love how all the daddies started talking to each other and just wouldn't stop.  :)

Sarah and Debbie :)

Another Sarah...with some of her beautiful children!

Loading up on yummy treats from the food truck!

A cute thing happened while we were sitting on the blankets.  Liam, who is normally Mr. Social in all gatherings that involve people, was instead Mr. Very Focused On Listening And Dancing To The Music, for this was, you see, his first live music event.  Never before had we taken him to a concert, and he was completely enthralled.  He remained on my lap almost the entire time, looking straight ahead at the stage, moving his little body to keep with the rhythm of the music.  Conversations started and ended around him, children played beside him, and although he smiled and was polite, he was captivated by the music and really preferred to dance.  I loved it and could fully relate.  This is indeed my son!

At one moment, though, he suddenly started yelling joyfully and pointing up at the sky.  Sure enough, when I squinted my eyes, I could see a tiny plane flying by.  I wonder if our boy has dreams of being a pilot.  He sure loves planes!

And, at another moment, Liam started yelling again, this time looking straight forward and pointing, although at first I could not be sure at what.  Then, suddenly, I saw what he was focused on.  He noticed that, far ahead of us in the crowd, there was a giant Twizzlers man walking around!  And our boy LOVES big mascots, so we had to go meet him!

As I scooped up Liam and headed into the crowd, he started dancing more to the music and began to squeal with delight, as his little outstretched arm guided me to the Twizzlers man.  When we encountered the big red guy, Liam was thrilled to shake his hand, was disappointed that he couldn't be held by him, but got very excited at the prospects of attempting to open the free bag of Twizzlers he received.  So cute!

What a great night!  Michael had such a nice time that he must have thanked me 10 times for organizing it.  He even went on to declare that the free Sunday night concerts in the park are pretty awesome and are probably something we out to try do to every week next Summer.  Hooray!  I finally convinced him.  :)