Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaving Breadcrumbs

Wherever he goes, our little boy leaves behind a few breadcrumbs to mark the way.

However, his breadcrumbs are the updated version of the ones used in that age-old story.  His breadcrumbs are Cheerios.  And Liam drops them wherever he goes.  We find them in the car, between the couch pillows, in the hamper, under the crib, and beneath our pew in church.

I smiled as I walked into the bathroom this morning.  A Cheerio was mounted on the door, probably flung randomly but affixed securely with the stickiness of slobber.  I didn't want to take it down because it represented the delightful evidence of a little Liam in our midst.  So I left it.

Last night, after Liam was in bed, Michael found a Cheerio stuck to his car keys.  It was as if our boy and placed it perfectly there to evoke a smile from Dad the next morning, when Dad would be rushing around to find and grab his keys before dashing out the door to work.  But no father can behold this image without pausing for a moment to reflect on how blessed he really is to have a little boy.

We love you, Liam Lee.  And we love all the little breadcrumbs you leave behind.  :)