Thursday, August 08, 2013

Brother Lawrence Takes His First Vows!

Remember my dear friend Shawn?  I used to blog about him so frequently when I saw him more.  Gosh, do I miss him!

Both of us started our vocations in the Summer of 2011.  That July, Michael and I married.  And that August, Shawn entered the postulancy at a Benedictine monastery.  Michael and I were so excited for him!

I can remember Shawn and I constantly saying to one another, "God is so good!"  We were so grateful that He had finally shown us our vocations, and we felt so silly for had distrusted Him before.  I was now officially "Mrs. Goddard" and Shawn was finally "Brother Lawrence."  We were so happy!

The following year, Shawn entered the novitiate.  And this Summer, he made first vows!  My mother accompanied Liam and I on a 3.5-hour trip out to Western Pennsylvania to witness this special occasion.  :)

Michael was with us in spirit, since it was a weekday and he was at work.  Here's a few pictures from the day!

Look carefully.  Can you see the yellow halo that has formed behind his head?  Amazing!

Theresa attended the event with us!

Brother Lawrence thought Liam's priest doll was the coolest!

And clearly he liked it so much that he kept posing with it.  :)
We love Brother Lawrence!

Brother Lawrence and our dear friend Andy!

The old time crew!  :)

our dorm room

We forgot to bring an adequate amount of linens and blankets, and since the air conditioning was cranked, Mom was a bit chilly!

Liam stares lovingly (and sleepily) into Grandma's eyes.

Liam loves Brother Lawrence!

Congratulations, Brother Lawrence.  We are so happy for you!