Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Music of Motherhood

Right now, I'm eating Cheerios from a baggie.

And I'm doing it not because I'm hungry, really, but because the sounds of Cheerios happily shuffled around in a plastic baggie and then crunched on the teeth remind me of my precious son.

Liam's in bed for the night, and I miss him already.  With this feeble Midnight snack, I'm trying to recreate some of my favorite sounds from this day.

And I realize now that there's a special music to motherhood.  When my son squeaks, breathes, coos, hums, or blows air out his lips, my heart leaps inside of me.  It's like my favorite song just came on the radio.  I delight in the sounds of his presence in our lives.

Liam is music to my ears.  This is the music of motherhood!