Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wear Yourself Well

Today God taught me that the most beautiful faces to behold are those that are worn with love.  The most wrinkly face can be the most breathtaking when those creases come from decades of smiles, all given with love.

As I age and see the people around me do the same, I am comforted by the fact that our bodies are a showcase of all the love we've shown.  In this pathway of life, we pick up souvenirs along the way, and while some might feel like crosses to bear, these gems are what can sanctify us, make us beautiful, and remind us that we've truly lived.

These new winkles on my face remind me that I must be happy, for I laugh often.  These stretch marks on my belly remind me that I've brought new life into this world.  The scars on my ankles remind me of great nights out dancing in fabulous shoes.  Every day when I miss my long hair, I am reminded that I've got the unconditional love of a husband who encourages me to try new things.  My well-padded knee caps remind me of the great women I'm related to.

And now that I look through the lens of a camera so often as a photographer, I'm certain that what makes a person attractive is not their proportions or perfections...but their capacity to love!