Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Visit with Jenny!

Liam and I enjoyed an afternoon with Jenny recently! 

We met at the King of Prussia Mall and spent a good amount of time in the play area.  :)

It was great getting to talk with Jenny while Liam got to enjoy playing with the other children.

I think Jenny and I bond emotionally more than anything. We seem to always have the same feelings about things.  :)

Liam crawled in and out of tunnels, played inside a little house, and enjoyed the slide with our assistance.

And while there were no airplanes to choose from, Liam settled for a spaceship and prepared for blastoff.  :)

I marvel at how God has blessed me with the friendship of so many inspirational women of God. 

It seems that each friend I have gives me different gifts, but all teach me something profound about our vocations in marriage or our privilege to be children of God.