Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Evening at the Mall with Joolies!

What a treat!  Tonight I got to see my dear friend Juliana and GO WITH HER TO THE MALL! 

It has been so long since I've been there, that there were many new stores that surprised me.  The mall used to be a place I frequented all the time, and I once had its layout memorized.

But those days are long since gone!  Still, it was nice to get out and window shop.  To keep things fun for Liam, I brought along his little blue car...and he enjoyed driving it all over the place!

Juliana and I had so much fun talking about our vocations as wives, the tremendous blessings that come from having a regular Adoration time slot, and how our mutual love of photography can be traced back to early childhood.

As we shopped, we talked shop about the upcoming wedding I am shooting, in which Joolies will be my assistant.  And, to that end, she excitedly bought the outfit I suggested we wear in tandem on the big day.  SO EXCITING!

Little Liam seemed to enjoy getting to stay up past his bedtime.  A late night every once in a while is more fun than it is harm!  :)

Having fun with a hat and a mirror!
Liam loves his time with Juliana!!