Thursday, October 17, 2013

For the Love of Time Capsules

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for time capsules. 

Maybe that's because my father loved them when he was a little boy, and he and Mom helped me to enjoy a time capsule of my own in the backyard. 

We buried it when I was in middle school and dug it up--along with a lot of yucky, smelly green mold--10 years later. 

I got a good laugh at seeing the things I thought were "worthy" enough to put in a time capsule!  In my little middle school mind, I thought that things like a pencil would be outdated and archaic in just a decade!  So into the time capsule it went.

Apparently, I also felt that a newspaper clipping of the boy I liked at the time would be something that an adult Lisa would treasure forever.  Silly me!

I hope I don't have to wait another decade for Liam to be old enough to have interest in a time capsule.  This is the one I'd LOVE to get for him.  Would this Christmas be too early to give it him?

It has an attached fake rock which remains on the surface of the ground to let you know precisely where your time capsule is.  And I love how this implies that the time capsule can only be buried a few inches beneath the surface.  So cute and awesome!