Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grocery Shopping

Happy Thursday, everyone.

We're grocery shopping this morning.

I found a box of my low quality fake food in the basement last night and figured it was high-time for our boy to get his shop on.

And, yes, I just said "low quality" fake food.

This is because I also have a box of medium quality fake food, a box of high quality fake food, and I even have a box labeled, "The Upper Echelon of Superior Quality Fake Food." 

In that box, each piece is carefully cocooned in bubble wrap.  They are restaurant-grade furniture-store investments that retail for $35 - $80 a piece.  (Yes, that is how I spent my money when I was single!)

For now, though, I figured we'd start with the basics--the less expensive kind--where, if he nibbles on it or throws it, Mama won't freak out.  It's all made of cheap plastic or rubber, so we're good.  When our boy gets older, I'll teach him the proper handling of the higher-grade stuff.  For this fake-food-lovin' mama, that's a privilege and a rite-of-passage!  :)