Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Night's Big Win

Last night was a big deal in this family. 

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series! 

Michael was glued to the television screen, his hands nervously rubbing his beard in solidarity with the whole team. 

When they won, he leaped for joy and planted a big kiss on me!  We almost woke up Liam!

It's a good thing that I agreed to be a Boston Red Sox fan.  Can you imagine if I wasn't?

Such a topic was a major discussion we had as part of our marriage preparation program. 

Agreeing it to it was easy, though, since I'm not opinionated about baseball and since I happen to have my origins in Boston.  Michael was relieved and has been buying me Boston Red Sox gear ever since.  I've got a hat, several t-shirts, and even several pairs of Boston Red Sox undies!

Oh, happy day.  (And, yes, that is a Croc that you see on my husband's foot.)

Congratulations, Boston Red Sox!  You've done us proud.