Friday, October 04, 2013

The Full Body Bib

There are some foods that just call for an FBB.

The Full Body Bib, as it is more formally called, provides ample surface area coverage that a standard bib cannot offer.

The multiple Velcro straps secure the FBB in place like a straight jacket, and the thickness of the fabric means that spilled liquids are at least 20 minutes away from soiling clothes or touching the skin.

This means that little spoons can spill with no aftermath.  Soups can slosh with little consequence.  And gooey-sticky food stuffs can collect in the lap or on the legs without regret.

The garment protects the child from the whip-lashes of spaghetti noddles doused in tomato sauce.  In short, it takes a beating.  And it stands up to the test of my one-year-old.  :)