Thursday, November 07, 2013

Little Gifts from Great Grandma

A beautiful thing happened yesterday.

We got a surprise visit from my parents and grandmother, and--just as they were about to leave--I saw my grandmother whisper something to my mother. 

Mom smiled, nodded, and helped Grandmom reach into her purse.  I ran for my camera, knowing what was to come.  :)

A beautiful memory of my childhood was about to be repeated for my son.  It's that special moment where Grandma would whisper, without anyone else hearing or knowing, that she had money she wanted to give you.

I can remember this from my childhood like it happened yesterday.  As her wrinkly, warm hands would tuck the money into my hand and hold it tightly closed, she'd put a finger to her lips and her eyes would tell you that this was a secret to keep.

She started with quarters when I was very young.  Then it became fifty cents.  As I got older, it grew to a dollar, and then maybe five or ten.  And, when I became a young woman, it'd occasionally be $20, although I'd try my very best to give it back.

Liam was in my arms when she looked up at him and lovingly handed him his First Dollar from Great Grandma.  He giggled and smiled and looked at the bill with fascination.  In fact, he held onto it tightly, even long after she left.

I can't decide if I want to frame it, put it in his baby book, or hand it over to Michael to put in Liam's savings account. 

For now, I won't decide.  I'll just hang it on our kitchen door to evoke smiles every time we pass by.  :)

God bless my grandmother!