Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pictures for Heaven

I've started taking pictures for Heaven.

I take them when my camera isn't in hand and a beautiful moment is unfolding in front of me that I want to remember forever.

It happened today when my son put his face beside Macy's and gently hugged her head.  Together they smiled right at me, his arms framing her countenance, their cheeks touching, and their smiles wide.

It was the most beautiful, most tender, most picturesque moment that has ever happened in these two shared lives, and it lasted only a moment.

And while that image may never make it onto my computer screen or onto glossy photograph paper, I caught it, I tell you.  I caught it with my eyes -- and I'm saving it for Heaven.

And, someday, that's where you'll get to enjoy that image, too.  Just wait till you see!