Monday, December 23, 2013

Prayers for Macy

Would you mind taking a moment to say a prayer for our sweet Macy?

Pray for a miracle, that Jesus would mercifully heal her body, rid it of all cancer, restore her liver to proper function, return her to easy mobility, and allow my loyal companion to grace us with her presence for many more years to come? Thank you.

Prayers have already helped her, as she is now keeping down all the foods she eats. God be praised! And may improvement continue because of your prayers, despite all odds!

*     *     *     *

I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers for our Macy.

It appears that the cancer on her breast is rapidly traveling throughout her body, and a recent blood test confirmed that her liver is failing now, most likely due to the spread of the cancer.

Macy has difficulty walking and a swollen leg, but thanks to your prayers and the anti-nausea pills she is taking, Macy is able to keep down food finally (which right now consists of white potatoes and Cheerios because they are non-protein foods).

She enjoys being wherever we are, even if that means being right in the center of the living room (with a little Liam hugging and sometimes crawling over her).

She responds well to my words of encouragement, wagging her tail when I speak to her and savoring every embrace I give her.  Two nights ago, I laid on her dog bed with her for a whole hour, crying into her soft fur, telling her how much I loved her, and reminiscing with her about what our life together has been like these past four years.  And four years to love a dog is much too short.  I assured her that I will love her forever, that no one will ever replace her, and that I will never, ever forget her.

Tonight I want to share with you a touching email I received from a friend.  I post it here mostly because I want to make sure that I save her words in safe place, a space that I can come back to and read again and again when I need to.

Thank you, Betsy, for gifting me with this sweet email.  And my precious Macy, who is peacefully sleeping at my feet right now, thanks you also.

tonight, after we decorated our tree

Dear, Dear Lisa,
I wanted to write a separate note regarding Macy.

My heart breaks for you. I know from experience the great depth of grief this brings you. I understand the love we can have with our pets. Not only have I cried over the loss of dogs and cats, but I have cried over the loss of some of my favorite chickens.

You have been the perfect mama for Macy. You took her in as a middle-aged dog, knowing you would have fewer years with her because she wasn't a puppy. You gave her the ideal home for her to grow old in. She could not have been adopted by a better person. You gave her a wonderful life.

And now as Macy's days are coming to an end, you have the sorrow of knowing your time together is soon over, but your love for her will never end. When your time of grieving is over, you will look back on your years with her as one of the highlights of your life and see it all with joy. Your sadness will be gone. You will look at her pictures and have all happy thoughts.

Macy was the best therapy for you during a difficult, searching, waiting time of your life. She was one of the things that got you through some days. And nights. It is no wonder that you are so attached.  She literally was a life saver.

But you were that to her also. You gave her the love and attention and care that she longed for.  She waited every day for you to return from school to walk her and play with her and love on her.

You were meant for each other. There couldn't be a better match for either of you at the time.

My heart aches for the bittersweet emotions you are feeling this week as this is your last Christmas with Macy. Try to enjoy it and take lots of pictures. When you are emotionally ready, I would suggest in the weeks or months ahead that you get on Shutterfly or Snapfish and make a photo book of Macy's pictures. It will be a book you will always treasure. A great tribute to her life, a life you so wonderfully provided for her.