Saturday, December 07, 2013

St. Nicholas Gift-Giving!

Michael and I have started a new family tradition.  In honor of St. Nicholas, we decided to celebrate his feast day with a little gift-giving. 

We told Liam how St. Nicholas was a very generous man who loved Jesus and tried to be like Him by sharing his blessings with others.  Specifically, he did it by using his God-given wealth to assist the needy, sick, and suffering.  He had a great love for children and blessed the poor among them with gifts.  Very often, he hid these heroic acts of virtue from others, as saints often do.

And so, in our little way within this little family, we decided to emulate St. Nicholas and be generous with one another, joyfully exchanging gifts when we woke up.

Liam woke up to find a wrapped box outside of his door; and, in it, he found a plush little chapel with a steeple!  Can you see the little bell inside the belfry?

Inside the chapel are stained glass windows, a wall crucifix, candles, an altar, a gold chalice, an organ, a Baptismal font, a red carpet, and pews!  And there is a priest, an altar server, and little people to represent some of the Sacraments.  There's a husband and wife with a baby for Baptism, a little boy and girl dressed to receive their First Holy Communion, a teenage boy who's ready for Confirmation, and a couple dressed for Matrimony!

I figured this would be a great teaching tool for us to play with as we prepare for different religious events throughout Liam's life!  So much fun!  And it was only $29.  :)