Monday, January 13, 2014

A Few More of My Favorite Things...

I love this tapestry Bible book cover I got from EWTN!  It's just like Mother Angelica's and feels so good in my hands.  :)

And, oh, this is a dream piece of furniture for our next home!  I think this would be great for our massively huge television that I think modernizes our home way too much.  Somehow, placed in this sort of thing, I don't mind the big black rectangle so much.  :)

And look at this fun way to decorate a child's room!  I should keep an eye out for random letters, as I so often seem to encounter them in my travels through places that sell home goods.  I always look for the letter "G" since that is the initial of our last name, but maybe I need to learn to be more open to the other 25.  :)

But, in the meantime, these cute magnetic fabric letters could hold me over!  And they sure would look cute on our refrigerator!

Thanks for letting me share.  :)