Thursday, January 09, 2014

That Big Card Catalog in the Sky

So I'm quite behind on blogging.  But you already know this, right? 

It's four to six months, to be exact.  Thousands of photographs, hundreds of stories, dozens of little Post-It Notes with scribbled ideas and moments to remember.  Will they ever make it to this space?  I hope so, but I don't know so.  Life keeps on living, and my time with Liam is too precious to ignore for a computer screen.  I hope you understand.  And I hope my future self will understand when I'm ready to look back on these years.  Will I notice that there's gaps?  Will I remember what will fill them in?

I have this secret hope that Heaven will have a massive archive of all events.  Like a big card catalog system where I can instantly pull up anything from the past that I want to. 

What makes me want this?  For treasured moments that I swear I'll never forget but do.  For eras that I want to savor again.  For details worth remembering.  I hope it's all there. 

And if it's not in a giant card catalog, then may it be in a computer database or in some sort of better, supernatural, Heavenly storing method.  Just as long as all good memories can be recalled.  Please, God, please!

With my decision to not blog while Liam is awake during the day and evenings (and with a firmer commitment to get good sleep to be healthy), I'm beginning to rely on that hope more and more now.  Please, God, remember all the details for me!