Thursday, March 13, 2014

In Memory of Macy

My amazing Aunt Tess and Uncle Fred commissioned a well-acclaimed professional artist to paint my beloved Macy's portrait.  Lisa Madenspacher specializes in dogs and has become well-loved by dog lovers all over the country. 

The painting was ready this week; and, when I walked into the artist's studio--which was full of dog portraits--my eyes fell on Macy immediately--and I burst into tears. 

Yes, my eyes found her instantly, and I didn't even have to search for her.  She was right there in front of me, greeting me like she always did.  For a brief moment, I was shocked with the sensation that my precious girl was right before me--finally!--again.  At that moment, the familiarity of seeing her face felt more real to me than the fact that she has passed.

Crying, I hugged the painting, and then the artist, and then tried to compose my blubbering self into something more controlled.  But I couldn't, so I gave up, and I just enjoyed looking at my Macy through my tears.  I couldn't muster anything intelligent to say about the color or the texture or the perfect size of the canvas.  All I could think of was how amazing it was that this artist could capture Macy's likeness so well.  It was, after all, a piece of art; and yet, it had given life to that memory of her that is forever stamped on my heart. 

How Lisa managed to capture Macy's essence in this painting is incredible.  When I brought the painting home, her image seemed to come alive even more.  Oh, how very blessed we are to have her beautiful countenance back in our home.

Thank you, Aunt Tess and Uncle Fred, for this family heirloom of our beloved companion!  And thank you, Lisa, for your fine work.